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Contains troubleshooting information for the Remote UI/Remote Control for TcNo TimeKeeper.

This should not be an issue with most computers of low, medium and high end.

If by chance the program is using a lot of CPU:

1. Click Settings on the main screen of TcNo TimeKeeper

2. Click General on the left (Top item in the list)

3. Under Lightweight mode, make sure that Animations is UNchecked. This will disable the animations of the list, but will usually reduce RAM and CPU usage for the program.

If this did not help: Make sure that your PC meets the minimum requirements for the program, visible on the Steam Store page.

Make sure the program you're trying to access is accessible without administrative privileges

If the program you're trying to start DOES need admin to run, make sure you run TimeKeeper as admin, and when prompted by UAC to allow the program to run, click Yes.

If the program is already running, the program may encounter an error, or launch it again.

If this is the case, make sure that "Start only if not running already (Will run as admin!)" is checked under Settings > Autostart settings > Select software

Make sure that the hotkeys you define are NOT used by other programs unnecessarily

Usually this means avoiding JUST Ctrl+XYZ keys, such as Ctrl+Z (Undo), Ctrl+X (Cut), etc...

Make sure that TcNo TimeKeeper has access to the folder.

If it does have access, make sure that the file is NOT open at time of saving.

If the program still does not save the file, try running TimeKeeper as admin.

Contains troubleshooting information for the Remote UI/Remote Control for TcNo TimeKeeper.

Make sure that your system isn't blocking incoming and outgoing connections.

Check your Windows Firewall and/or AntiVirus firewall to see if the connection is being blocked.

Windows Firewall:

1. Either press Start+R, enter wf.msc and hit enter or

- Click Start, then All Programs, then Administrative Tools, and finally Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

2. Left click Inbound Rules, and then Right click Inbound Rules (The same one) on the left, and click New Rule

3. Check Program and click Next

4. Click browse and navigate to where TcNo TimeKeeper is installed

5. Click RemoteUI.exe and click Open

6. Check Allow the connection, and click Next

7. Make sure all 3 checkboxes are checked (Domain, Private and Public), and click Next

8. Enter any name, for example TcNo TimeKeeper and click Finish

9. Repeat steps 2-8, but for Outbound Rules (On the left) - But make sure to ALLOW THE CONNECTION

Refer to your AntiVirus or Firewall's manual or guide to allow the program through.

Antivirus or Firewall Software:

Make sure you have administrator privileges on your account.

Make sure you can Right Click on a program, and select Run As Administrator. If you are unable to, make sure your use account has Admin Priviliges, consult your system administrator.

Click Yes.

When UAC (the popup) prompts you to allow the program to run as admin:

If Windows does not prompt you to run RemoteUI as administor:

Right Click the TcNo TimeKeeper icon, and click Run As Administrator.

If you only have it in Steam, make sure to run Steam as Admin.

Make sure the port 55521, as well as the port you define in TcNo TimeKeeper is allowed through the Firewall (default 55522)

If you are trying to access it from outside your local network (Through at least 1 router or internet connection - From another networks)

Make sure that your Router or Switch is configured to port-forward the port 55521 (or the one you define) to your computer.

Refer to your Router/Switch's manual for information on how to port-forward.

Make sure the password you enter is correct.

Check what the password is within TcNo TimeKeeper, and make sure you enter it as follows:


(xxx.xxx... :55522 - stands for the link shown in RemoteUI.)

PLEASE NOTE: The password is case sensitive. If you entered the password with a capital where there's not meant to be one, or vice versa, there will be an error. Please make sure that you're entering the password correctly.