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Made simple

Make editing more efficient. Spend more time on the final product.

Stop wasting time searching through hours of video for those perfect moments.

Skip to where you need to be. There's no need to scrub aimlessly through footage.

TimeKeeper has been started over ERR times!

TimeKeeper has recorded over ERR unique sessions!

TimeKeeper has helped record over ERR hours of video!

TimeKeeper has saved over ERR timestamps!

Your personal recording assistant, any time you need it.

While you're recording, press a key combination and save the current time elapsed into your recording, without having to tab out.When you're done with the recording you can start a new one straight away, with all your important highlights saved in a text file automatically.When you notice important moments, you won't have to search for them later in editing.

No more storage woes.

How many videos have you recorded, just to realise nothing interesting happened, or the video is useless for other reasons? There's no more "I'll delete it later". When you're done recording, and if you haven't created any highlights in TimeKeeper, you'll get the option to delete the files created since the recording started.Delete files without having to sift through useless footage later.

Learn how to optomise your workflow with statistics.

With statistics enabled, you can learn how long you record on average, and how often things happen that you need to refer back to in editing. This helps you understand if you need to change how you work to create more usable content from less time.

Control via keyboard hotkeys

Set up hotkeys and control the program, without having to have the program as the active window (selected) or even have it minimized.
The program is made to be ran in the background without interfearing. Keep your work more professional, and less interrupted.

 Remote control via your mobile
(Or any other device)

Recording a podcast infront of friends?
Loud keyboard?
Forget key combinations easily?
There's a web interface you can use on any device. It works on the local network (so devices on WiFi can use it too), and it can be port-forwarded for access outside the local network.

Basic TimeKeeping
Speed up & simplift editing after recording
Autosave times to a file (.txt or .csv)
Remote control via most web-enabled devices
Record longer than 2 hours at a time
Option to: Autodelete files to save storage space
Option to: Enable animations
Option to: Start recording software when TimeKeeper opened
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