What went into making this site?

TL;DR Tons of coding, time and processing power. It was a challenge to create, but it turned out pretty well :D

How it works:

  1. Python queries the Twitch API and YouTube API to gather all the information it needs every hour:
    • Twitch: Followers, Icon, Views, Videos
    • YouTube: Subs, Icon, Uploads and Views
  2. Another Python scrips queries the Twitch API for currently live streamers, every 10 minutes.
  3. It then:
    • Verifies the data
    • Resizes and compresses icons, for low bandwidth and quick viewing of the lists
    • Calculates variables
    • Orders results
    • Verifies results
    • Parses them to JSON
    • FTP's JSON to the server
    • Backs up data daily (Onsite and offsite)
  4. When you visit the page, Javascipt executes in your browser and:
    • Tabulates JSON data created by Python, generates hyperlinks and adds to the table
    • Tablesorter 2.0 (JS) and some custom plugins allow your browser to sort and filter information, as well as page through it
    • The Twitch page also reads the currently live list, and displays them on screen, in a way that's visually recognisable. When clicked, it takes you to their Twitch streams.
      • The previews for the streams are generated and updated by Twitch

I manually verify and accept creators into the list, to prevent people just adding themselves and not creating content, or mass producing stolen or low-effort content, drowning out passionate creators.

The ZA Twitch and YouTube Collective pages use the following libraries:

The entire website was coded and styled by me and shall remain that way :)

(The graph at the top should update every time the website/backend's files change)