Can't stream to Twitch?
Internet more than capable?

Relax, it's not just you.
There's a simple solution that's going to work wonders!

We've all been there. You fire up OBS, XSplit or your streaming software, hit Start Streaming just to be greeted by hundreds of dropped frames.
You hurriedly check through Task Manager for the issue, and you notice that both your GPU and CPU are nowhere near maxed out.
As long as your PC and internet are more than capable of streaming to, then it's likely the route you're streaming through.

If you have already tried different Twitch servers, then you might want to try using a Twitch Ingest Relay, such as CoolIdea's one.
There's no signups or extra costs. It's a free service that anyone can use to stream at amazing visual quality, with minimal extra lag.

I have a 200/200Mbps uncapped fibre line, i7-6700K, Nvidia GTX 1080Ti and a Nvidia GTX 1080. With everything set-up and tuned properly, I can't get a stable connection over 2,000 kbps (2Mbps).
Here is a link to the CoolIdeas page:

How do you use the relay?

It's simple. If you're using OBS, XSplit (or similar programs) with preset ingest servers, you will need to change the mode to "Custom" or "RTMP".

For OBS: Head to Settings > Stream, set the 'Stream Type' to 'Custom Streaming Server', set the URL to: " rtmp:// ", and put your stream key into the 'Stream Key' box.
For Streamlabs OBS: Head to Settings > Stream, set the 'Stream Type' to 'Custom Streaming Server', set the URL to: " rtmp:// ", and put your stream key into the 'Stream Key' box.
For XSplit: Head to Broadcast > Set up a new output > Custom RTMP. Give it a Name, set the 'RTMP URL' to " rtmp:// ", 'Stream Name' to your stream key, and the User Agent to "FMLE/3.0"
Anything else: If it's not similar to what's above, just have a quick Google for 'Set up RTMP <program name>'.

How does it perform?

Before I tried the South African Twitch Relay, I couldn't stream at ANYTHING over 2,000 kbps (no matter what server I used)

I've been using CoolIdeas' Twitch Relay for a long time, and it's been great since. I'm able to push the recommended bitrate, and way more, without losing any frames. As far as I can tell, there aren't any dropped frames from CoolIdeas' Twitch Relay to the Twitch server they use ( -- London, UK).

Using my 200Mbps upload, I've tested to see just how far you can go, and apparently, you can go quite far. Of course; there's absolutely no need to stream at more than 8,000 kbps to Twitch (Twitch suggests 6,000 as a max), this was a quick test to see how much I'd be able to push to the RTMP server.
The lower the bitrate you stream at; the more people your stream can reach. Not everyone has the internet speed to watch Twitch streams at source quality (Especially when watching Twitch from South Africa is slow for a lot of people as it is).

That being said, I only did this for 30 seconds to demonstrate that there were no frames dropped at incredibly high bitrates. The server should be more than capable of handling many South African streamers. If it approaches maximum capacity, CoolIdeas will hopefully upgrade the server to cope.

Are there any other South African Twitch Relay servers?

Yes. TwitchZA have 2 relay servers, though they are limited to a bitrate of 6,144Kbps (including audio).
They are below: (Credit: Zassie for the info and CookieMonsterZA for setting it up)

  • Relay 01: rtmp://
  • Relay 02: rtmp://
If you wish to use these servers instead; follow the tutorial above, and replace "" with the relay server of your choice.
If you know of any others, don't be afraid to tell me, and I'll update this.

I hope this helped you, and you're able to stream to if you weren't able to before trying the CoolIdeas or TwitchZA Twitch Relay server.

Quick footnote: I am not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with CoolIdeas or CoolIdeas' Twitch Relay server, or any of the other servers mentioned above. Just here to share information that might help get you on your feet if you're having issues streaming to any of the ingest servers.

Published - Wed, 17 OCT 2018 21:20
Last update - Wed, 16 JAN 2019 15:10