Who is TroubleChute?

Hi, I'm Wesley Pyburn.

I'm the person behind TroubleChute. South Africa's biggest Tech Help, Tech Support and Tech Guide channel.

My channel aims to bring short, useful, accurate, concise and free professional guides to the public. The reception from the community has been great as I achieve exactly that.

My videos are SEO optimized as much as possible, and serve as a library of FAQ Answers, and guides for everyone on any topic. They grow consistently over time.

Everything from the most niche topic on Visual Studio [200k+ views] for Streamers, to game server hosting [300k+ views], to more popular/searched for topics like game optimizations [2.1M+ views].

See my most popular videos videos.

For serious offers, please contact troublechute@tcno.co.

51,500,000 Views, 123K Subscribers (2022/07/28)

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Advert Opportunities

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In-Video Ad Segment

Most captive audience. As many views as the video.

The classic "... and Thank You to B.R.A.N.D for sponsoring this video! etc...".

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This is more for ongoing hardware sponsors, but can be for others.

The start of all my videos includes a lower-thirds spot perfect for ads. It's eye-catching, but not invasive.

X:XX / X:XXChapter DetailsThis video shows you how to optimize your game to get the most out of your computer.Speaking of performance, this video was powered by B.R.A.N.D!If you're looking for the best product, make sure to click this link for 69% off!TroubleChute81K subscribersSUBSCRIBED130K15

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Guides have links. Most interested viewers open the description for them.
Almost as many views as the video.

I prefer not to have ads right at the TOP of descriptions, as that messes with the video's SEO and searchability. Just after the first sentence, but before the fold is a great spot.

Extraordinary Opportunities

There's more than just ad spots.

As you know, there's more to a brand than just advertising. I offer professional-level videos, with expertly crafted scripting and explanations. With professional, clear and understandable voice-overs. A boring FAQ site can easily be spiced up with videos explaining even the most simple of questions.

On your website, my YouTube, or both!

 Professional FAQ Videos

I've seen large companies with text-to-speech explanation videos for far too long. Why not get professional guides for each topic?
See the series I did for Server.Pro as an example. 90 Videos, 720,000 views!

 Guide Videos for your Hardware/Software

From simple overviews or feature updates, to in-depth video guides on each part of your software, or a super deep dive into a nifty feature.

 ... and much more

I'm happy to talk about more than just sponsorships. If you want guide videos, tutorials, explanations or just voice-overs, don't be afraid to contact me.

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