Add all EA Play games to your Steam library [Requires EA Play]

What is this?

EA Play is great. You get games for a cheap subscription price.
Only issue: You need to click "Play Now" under EVERY EA PLAY GAME on the Steam Store for them to appear in your library.
This project simplifies that into a few clicks. Each ticked game below attempts to "open", and is added to your Steam Library.

Step 1

Uncheck games you already have installed/don't want

-- Trial games --

* Note: Adding these games doesn't start the trial, they just appear in your Steam library

Last updated: 10 June 2021 [New in Orange]
Previous: 12 Nov 2020
Created: 24 Oct 2020

Step 2

Download and open your platform's file below, then run it.
When it's done, you can close the "install" popup.

(Firefox users: Make sure to remove extra ".txt" after ".bat")

Didn't work properly?

You can add more delay between 'starting' games and try again.


Above: The code your computer is running, a combination of 'run the game' and 'wait'.