TechNobo's Graphic Design portfolio

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Banners, Logos, Promotional Material and more on this page.

Please note:

99% of images on my Twitch, Steam, YouTube, Website were designed by me. Most of those will not be included here.
(eg. Thumbnails/Static & Video backgrounds/Other motion graphics...)

There is no specific order, other than roughly by height.

VAP lead banner

YouTube Thumbnails/EP Covers not made by me.

Boiled Osu! Tournament lead banner
Forum Banners
Boiled Osu! Tournament banner
Programming lead banner

 TcNo TimeKeeper on Steam
STC on Chrome |  Firefox | GitHub
Another side project of mine.
November 2018 - Ongoing

Steam Profile lead banner

Refresh page if items are out of sync.
(Check Steam for full size images)

Steam account
2012 - Ongoing

KiffMusic lead banner
YouTube Banner
KiffMusic YouTube Banner
Overrated lead banner

 Overrated's YouTube Channel
Another side project of mine.
November 2018 - Ongoing

Everything TechNobo Lead Banner
Banner for general platforms
TechNobo YouTube Banner
Current main logo
Themed Logos





YouTube Channel | Website
2013 - Ongoing

FuNgI Clan lead banner
Teamspeak Channel Banners
FuNgI TeamSpeak Main Banner
Teamspeak User Permission Icons
FuNgI Teamspeak Channel Owner RoleFuNgI Teamspeak Owner RoleFuNgI Teamspeak Voice Role

FuNgI Steam Group
TeamSpeak IP shared at discretion of FuNgI
December 2018

Twitch Panels lead banner
Misc Social Panels
ZA Collective Panels
Stream Offline Banner
TCNO Twitch Stream Offline Banner

Visit my Twitch.tv page here
August 2018 - Ongoing